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Tutorial – Business Contact Manager 2010 & Outlook Calendar (Creating Events through BCM)

This video explains in detail how to create reminders and events for BCM records that will appear in Outlook calendar and also issue a reminder for the event or task at hand. Considering that BCM is piece of Outlook, there are many connections that can be made within Outlook’s every day features and BCM. You can set yourself with not only appointments in regards to Leads, Accounts, Business Contacts and Opportunities but you can also add tasks into your calendar which pertain to a certain record.

Unlike the “Create Appointment” reminder which only appears under the BCM contact’s dashboard, this video shows how to use the “Copy to Calendar” function which is often overlooked by people. “Copy to Calendar” creates a relationship within Outlook’s E-Mail Calendar and the appointment recorded in the BCM record entity. This allows you to view the record’s connection in the calendar under the weekly view, daily view, monthly view and most importantly the agenda view. When beginning your day with BCM you can click on your regular calendar and see your upcoming tasks hour by hour, mapping your way to take care of the things you must take care of first.

The benefits of the “Copy to Calendar” function include:

  • Create call reminders for potential leads, accounts and contacts, even opportunities. See it right in your calendar.
  • Schedule collection calls for open opportunities.
  • Schedule reminders to mail physical letters, mail merge directly from within BCM via Calendar reminders.
  • Create task reminders, have reminders pop 15 minutes (or any set time) prior to task execution time.
  • View full agendas of play-by-play reminders and tasks.
  • Archive past reminders and scheduled tasks and meetings for historical data.
  • Reporting capability can show milestones completed through recorded tasks in your calendar.
  • Export your calendar to multiple formats, endless possibilities and transition between different platforms.
  • Much more..



VIDEO: 10 Things you must know in Outlook 2010

10 Useful tips and tricks you should know when using Outlook 2010

Thank you everyone who commented and responded to my Excel video, I was very happy to be able to provide assistance to others who want to learn commercial software and how to use it properly. Outlook is no different than Excel, with this video I touched on the very basics to some more than basic features Outlook has to offer. Outlook is the world’s premier E-Mail client, used by millions of people around the world to communicate, organize content and has become a daily routine in many of our lives. For those who are new to Outlook, this video is going to really hit the spot and get you on the ground with your feet running. To users who currently use Outlook, you may find some additional information to help you navigate and use this software the way its meant to be used. Here is a quick rundown of the 10 items I touch with this video:

  • Outlook? What is it? How does it work? – A simple overview of this great e-mail software, how it works and an introduction to the UI (User Interface).
  • Reading, Writing, forwarding – A quick touch on the functions we use daily, reading e-mails, writing e-mails, formatting e-mails and of course forwarding, CCing and BCCing e-mails.
  • Rules – Automation of certain tasks with Outlook, what would take you 3 steps every time to do in Outlook, you can automate with what Outlook calls ‘Rules’ which are a set of actions in response to conditions, in simpler terms, rules will preform tasks based on certain conditions “If this is this” -> “Than automatically do that”. the video spends good 15 minutes describing automating moving items to custom folders, creating alerts and other custom actions based on rules you will learn to create in Outlook.
  • Categorizing, Organizing – So you are using Outlook, you have massive amounts of data and e-mails coming in, but everything is cluttered under your inbox. This portion of the videos shows how to easily organize and categorize your e-mails in different colors (color coding) and in specific folders relative to sender’s name or e-mail content such as subject.
  • Appointments, Calendar – A very powerful and widely used Extension in Outlook, aside from E-mails and Contacts, Calendars tie in to account roles and e-mails. This portion of the video touches on flagging, adding reminders and creating custom calendar functionality based on menus within an E-mail. (This should have a video of its own however as the features are far too many to describe in a major feature tutorial film.).
  • Contacts – A quick touch on creating contacts directly from e-mails, navigating to contacts in Outlook and viewing different view types of your contact folder. (As mentioned above in Calendars, this does deserve its own film as well.).
  • RSS Feeds – Outlook has a great built-in RSS reader, if you are familiar with RSS, or read news frequently; I touched up on adding feeds directly into Outlook in this portion of the video.
  • Customization – I already made a video about this, when I got to this part of the tutorial I rather reference people directly to the customizing forms video (URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y0HgJkggP8) I also made this video, I provide in under 10 minutes an intro and start to building your own forms, customizing the look and feel of forms as you desire them to be. Collecting custom data is a big thing in Outlook, luckily, Microsoft made it very easy to do; take a look at the video. :)
  • Closing… – I end the video with a quick summary and final look into Outlook 2010.

Prior to using Outlook, I was a Mozilla Thunderbird fan; up until I began using Microsoft Outlook 2007. When the 2010 version came out, I really started building my skillset and focusing on how can I use this software to simplify the way I communicate with the world. This video was originally created for training purposes as many new employees aren’t familiar with Outlook require training and what a better way than video tutorials.

If you like this video please rate, comment and share it with others! I thank you for watching, as always. If you would like the direct YouTube link for this video and my Excel video, please see the links below:

Tutorial – Outlook 2010 – 10 Things you must know


Tutorial – Customizing Microsoft Outlook 2010


Tutorial – Excel 2010 – 10 Things you must know



VIDEO: Customizing Outlook 2010

Customizing Outlook 2010
Yesterday I released a new video titled “Tutorial – Customizing Outlook 2010″, in this video I show examples of customizing and editing forms and fields in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Please note that in this video I am using Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager 2010. I have posted several bits of information about how powerful Outlook can be with the use of BCM; although I customize and build BCM myself, the purpose of this video is to jump-start others into understanding the development arena of Outlook.

Important key notes of this video are:

  • Enabling the ‘Developer’ tab in the ribbon, the developer tab is usually hidden by default and must be enabled in order to customize layouts and fields in Outlook.
  • Using the ‘Developer’ tab to modify Outlook ‘send’ forms and ‘contact forms’ to capture an array of different data for future display.
  • Understanding the UI for fields, the ease of dragging, dropping and point-click customization of existing Outlook elements and new ones.
  • Quick view of customizing Business Contact Manager 2010 contact forms.
  • An example of a report ran through BCM that ties to the value of our custom fields.
Please double click on the video to see it directly from YouTube, the direct link for the video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y0HgJkggP8