Tutorial – Import and Export Business Contact Manager 2013

This is a great tutorial about exporting your data into BCM! So you’ve finally installed and customized business contact manager, now you have an Excel sheet with 10,000 contacts; what do you do?? this video explains how to perform the entire import while maintaining relationships between contacts and accounts; I have gotten endless questions on how to import two types of contacts and maintain linked relationships between them; this video will demonstrate how to import in and export out items to and from your database.

Video Highlights:

  • Learn how to make your Excel CSV spreadsheet ready to import.
  • Learn how to create headers between Contact and Account to retain linked relationships.
  • Learn how to use field mapping.
  • Learn how to import your contacts.
  • Learn how to export backups of BCM.
  • Learn how to export your customizations for back up.


Tutorial – Customize Business Contact Manager 2013

This is my video demonstration on customizing the contact type in BCM (Business Contact Manager) I was able to finally get the 2013 version working properly (if you watched my previous video my previous 2013 installation was a little buggy) once I got it under control I immediately jumped into customizing and figured hey, why not make a video showing the steps taken to customize a vanilla version of BCM and teach you guys how to do it as well.

Video Highlights:

  • Learn how to customize the contact entity form, starting from a blank plain out-the-box form to placing our own custom fields and sections.
  • Learn what the field types and formats are.
  • Learn field placing and section placing.
  • Learn showing and hiding customized pages.
  • Touch base on filtering and view customization.

VIDEO: Microsoft Office 2013 and SkyDrive

SkyDrive is great! Microsoft did an amazing job integrating it with Office 2013 and Office 360. In this video I explore and give my viewers an insight into SkyDrive, the cloud that connects you to all your files and makes work-on-the-go a reality, a very easy reality. SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud, very similar to Apple’s iCloud and Google’s Drive except it has two very good benefits:

  • Office Integration – Everything you do in Microsoft Office 2013 and 360 can be saved directly to Sky Drive, Sky Drive even syncs a folder on your computer so you can always access your files, anywhere and any time. Sky Drive is so well integrated that Office favors saving files to it before saving on to your desktop. With 7GB of free space, you have room for 100s of documents, images and even video files. Everything is portable, no more jump drives, no more messy desktops or losing important files.


  • Collaboration and Microsoft Office Web Apps – The genius of this is that you have a web-based version of Office integrated into SkyDrive, you can fire up web apps that look very similar, in fact, the same, as your actual Office application. Multiple users can work together on a single file, files can be shared and divided among a group of collaborators to get the job done. All in the cloud. It’s great!

I started really getting into saving my stuff on the cloud, almost every file I work with now is connected to my Live account. SkyDrive is free, 7GB of free storage, all you have to do is sign up for a Live account (you may have one if you use MSN, Skype or XBOX). This is by far one of Microsoft’s greatest features IMO.

Video Highlights:

  • Detailed explanation of SkyDrive Cloud.
  • Detailed explanation of SkyDrive integration with Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Example of usage of SkyDrive collaboration and Microsoft Web Apps.
  • Display of SkyDrive installation on Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.

Tutorial – Bulk Mass E-Mail

In my Bulk Mass E-Mail video I will show you a real-time example of how to Mail Blast / Mass Mail / Bulk Mail to a list of your choice using nothing but your existing Microsoft Office Suite. This technology has been around for ages, though people always think they should be purchasing some third-party program to send out mass e-mails, in reality, all you really need is Microsoft Office.

In this video I am using Microsoft Office 2013, you could use any version of MS Office, the steps are exactly the same with all versions of Office. The prerequisites are that you have Outlook configured with a working e-mail address, this will be the “send from” address, all your recipients will be getting the e-mails from the default account you already have in Outlook. The idea is to use the mail merge tool in Word to build your merge based on data we create in Excel. I know it may sound confusing, but it’s easy! and that’s why I made this video, so you can see how simple it is to create a mass mail campaign in seconds.

Video Highlights:

  • Easily send out mass e-mails using Microsoft Office.
  • Create your e-mail list database using Microsoft Excel.
  • Merge your e-mail list database to a mailing using Microsoft Word.
  • Shoot out e-mails to all your recipients using Microsoft Outlook.
  • No third party software, everything done from A-Z in a real-time fashion.

This will work using any version of MS Office, in this video I happen to be using MS Office 2013.

Tutorial – Business Contact Manager 2013

With the new release of Microsoft Office 2013, what happens to our favorite add-on Business Contact Manager? Well, Microsoft decided not to upgrade BCM with any new features in an effort to market CRM, however, they did release a compatibility pack which makes BCM 2010 turn into BCM 2013, adapting the UI of BCM 2010 in 2013 metro fashion.

This video shows you how I went on to install the compatibility pack but I did run into an odd issue with customizing one of my forms, I think the x64 version isn’t compatible with my x86 install. I fixed it already by installing the proper bit version as my new Office 2013 installation.

Look no further, the download links for the BCM 2013 compatibility pack and installation are:

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36513 - Full BCM 2013 Install

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36511 - BCM 2013/10 Compatibility Pack

Video Highlights:

  • See what the new Outlook 2013 metro style looks like with BCM.
  • Preview of BCM 2013 full install on Outlook 2013 Professional.